The occupiers announced strikes on the Chongarsky bridge (photo, video)

Marta Gichko15:59, 08/06/232 minutes.410

Now the Chongar checkpoint has been closed to traffic.

On Sunday, August 6, Z-publics announced “arrivals” on the Chongarsky bridge on the administrative border of Crimea and the Kherson region.For the data of the invaders, they hit the bridge with rockets. 

In total, three or four “arrivals” were recorded. The extent of damage is still unknown.

Photo from the impact site / social networks
Photo from the impact site / social networks

Gauleiter Vladimir Rogov announced that the checkpoint “Chongar” is closed for travel through strikes on the bridge. 

He does not give details, but “hopes that the bridge is intact.”Meanwhile, local publics published a video showing a column of smoke over the Chongarsky bridge. 

The occupiers report a strike on the Chongar bridge

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  1. That may be an older picture for illustration Sir Veth, but I’ll keep an eye out to see if we can get more visual on it’s current state.

    • I got confused on which bridge was which 🤭 but turns out there is an old and a newer Chongarsky bridge, 😇both have been hit now. Posting the latest Denys Davydov… He talks about a few of the bridges and shows the two Chongarsky bridges.

      • I thought there was a road bridge and a railroad bridge, but I guess, as you say, there are two road bridges.

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