The cartoon perfectly explains the speed of Ukrainian counteroffensive and the role of the Western support.


Aug 6

Comment from Andrii Dehtiar:

Imperfect translation:

It was necessary to start the cartoon from 2014, not forgetting about the curtailment of missile programs in 2019, the disbandment of troops in 2020, the employment of Moscow moles in the SBU, the demining of Chongara in 2022 and the withdrawal of combat units from strategic airfields, ignoring warnings of an attack. And it is even better since 1998, when missiles were given for artificial debts, which now Moscow is returning to us.


Треба було почати мультик з 2014 року, незабутих про згортання ракетних програм у 2019, розведення військ у 2020, працевлаштування моськовських кротів в СБУ, розмінування Чонгару у 2022 і відведення бойових частин з стратегічних аеродромів, ігнорування попереджень про напад. А ще краще з 1998 коли віддавали за штучні борги ракети, які зараз московія нам повертає..

Andrew Haggard:

CNN recently discussed a poll in which 50+% of respondents disagreed with the U.S. providing Ukrainians with more support and funding.

But, I think changing this sentiment is something that policymakers in the West and Ukraine need to work on. It’s not easy selling the need for sending hundreds of millions and billions of dollars worth of defensive equipment to Ukraine even though that’s just a drop in the bucket and the cold, calculating dividends that realists may see down the road are strong advocating arguments.

But, I am not sure that the average person who worries about paying electric and water bills is going to understand what is being sent is usually surplus or that assisting Ukraine has long-term national security benefits.

I have heard Biden and members of Congress advocate for supporting Ukraine. Some zealots who have this weird idealized vision of Putin as a model for an American president are obviously eyes-deep in Flavor Aid (Kool Aid gets it’s historical reprieve in this post).

So, my question is ultimately: how can this be more effectively sold by Ukrainians to Western allies, so that Western policymakers can further advocate and finally get much needed aid to Ukraine?

Paul Camp:

Roman Sheremeta : Not entirely true – I offered the #government of #ukraine 10x Fighter jets plus pilot conversion training plus 74,000 rounds of ammunition in MARCH 2022…(not March 2023). Nobody in Ukraine military or Govt got back to me…..

Reply from Pavel Dorochynsky:

Please repeat the offer here. We can personally influence on decision-making with the help of regional leaders. What exactly do we have to do to get this equipment? I personally applied to the German government for equipment for NATO-type cartridges and received official refusal in July last year.


  1. I saw the whole cartoon. As an American, I am embarrassed to admit that it perfectly reflects my opinions on foreign policy from my country’s democrats. Theodore Roosevelt of the Republican Party, said of his views in foreign policy, “I speak softly, but I carry a BIG stick!!” Which I interpret this as, use diplomatic communication whenever possible and emphasize this. But never forget that sometimes strong, dangerously powerful force is required to keep peace fairly. I feel that democrats are pursuing the idea of speaking “loudly” about their ideas, demanding that people at home accept them, even expecting other foreign countries to embrace them, but then refuse to consider the need of strength as a means of keeping peace. American democrats. prefer weakness, looking after themselves, and cheering on others when it makes them “look good” at home.

    They pursue the reverse of Theodore Roosevelt’s “speak soft, but provide strong help” approach, biden pursues a “speak strongly, but provide soft help.” If any “help” at all.

  2. “CNN recently discussed a poll in which 50+% of respondents disagreed with the U.S. providing Ukrainians with more support and funding.”
    I strongly disagree with the polling CNN discussed. A portion of the true detractors could become more favorable to the continued and increase of support of Ukraine against genocide by information based on reliable and verified facts. Some people just don’t know, (yes it staggers my mind how people can still be oblivious to this). I still believe an overwhelming majority of Americans still support Ukraine no matter what and even if. But we do need to keep letting people know the horrors that muscovia wishes to continue to forcibly impose. We all need to continue countering the kremprop and calling it out for what it is. Sometimes the best antiseptic is the light.

    • Polls are often wrong, often confusing and keep changing, as the public are fickle.
      Unfortunately though, support for Ukraine is not overwhelming in the US or anywhere else.
      Across all parties, it’s about 57% in favour, 37% against.
      The Democrats it’s slightly above 60%; Republicans c.54%.
      Trump is campaigning on an end to aid and an imposed land for peace deal.
      He thinks it’s a vote-winner. I hope he’s wrong.

      • I agree with that sentiment about Trump. On the face of it, this sounds like “appeasement” to putin. Especially if that deal’s redrawn borders of Ukraine reflect the invaded and occupied territory as it was “defined” by russian control in 2021.

        Given how difficult it seems for russia to maintain control over the Crimea during the war, there may well be a good chance to argue for a diplomatic settlement to take that back, while refusing to allow any weakening of the forces in the eastern front. After all, there’s no justification at all, for russia to insist on Ukraine loosening its self-defense. Given the current situation, it’s entirely reasonable to build up lots of defense in both Donbas/Luhansk, AND the Crimea in whatever amount of territory is granted from a settlement “deal.” But even to my view as a foreign outsider, 2021 boundaries seem completely unacceptable without the Crimea as well.

        I believe that even if it is Trump who negotiates a settlement deal, Kyiv should get advance notice of its terms before russia, since putin was the aggressor. IF russia is allowed ANY benefits out of that, I think they should be seen as “concessions,” and also that russia wouldn’t continue its punishment under the Ukrainian hammer.

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