Near Melitopol, the invaders covered their “friendly fire”: wild losses were revealed on the network

Marta Gichko20:58, 08/06/232 minutes.2019

The Russians have become victims of their own cynical provocation.

In the Zaporozhye region, Russian invaders covered each other with ” friendly fire “.According to the Telegram channel “Kremlin Snuffbox”, citing two sources in the Russian General Staff, the Russian invaders covered their own with artillery.

The incident allegedly took place near Rabotin. A group of Russian invaders dressed in the uniform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and tried to enter the rear of the Ukrainian troops. 

However, a Russian drone spotted the group, identified the invaders as soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, transmitted the coordinates of Russian artillery, and it defeated the failed saboteurs.

Due to inconsistency in actions, 32 people were killed by “friendly fire”. The troubles did not end there, after the strike, the enemy (that is, the Defense Forces of Ukraine – UNIAN) discovered the positions of our artillery and covered it with cluster shells.

Another 19 people died, there are many wounded, including seriously,” the channel writes.

The culprit of the tragedy was the commander, who forced the military to change into Ukrainian uniforms and did not say anything to anyone. Immediately after the artillery hit his own, he realized what he had done and deserted from his positions. 

They are looking for him now.”The enemy began to push harder, so cases of such uncoordinated actions became more frequent at the front,” one of the sources said.

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