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There has been no such “investment in an ally” in the US since the Marshall Plan.

The total amount of US aid to Ukraine has exceeded that of any other country.According to  The Washington Post , this amount has already reached $66.2 billion.

It is noted that $43.1 billion is military assistance, $20.5 billion is the share of economic support and another $2.6 billion is humanitarian aid.The publication emphasized that this amount exceeds the aid that the United States provides to any other country and “exceeded the bilateral support of other US allies”, including Israel, Jordan and Egypt.

According to experts, this is in fact “a US investment in an ally”, the likes of which have not been seen since the Marshall Plan. 

At that time, the volume of aid, adjusted for inflation, amounted to about $150 billion over three years.U.S. aid to Ukraine has already surpassed the cost of Twitter ($44 billion), the James Webb Space Telescope ($10 billion) and the Biden administration’s student loan plan ($39 billion).

While the United States is Ukraine’s largest donor, other countries have contributed a much larger percentage of their GDP to help Ukraine. 

Thus, according to the Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Europe now spends a larger share of its GDP in Ukraine than the United States.

US aid

The United States has actually been helping Ukraine financially and with weapons since the beginning of a full-scale war in Ukraine.

The  latest aid package  included various complexes, missiles, ammunition, armored vehicles and anti-tank weapons. It was valued at $400 million.At the same time, the leader of the Republican Party in the US Senate, Mitch McConnell, said that the States should accelerate  the supply of military assistance to Ukraine .

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    • Also, when I first noticed the name on the history tab of the Wikipedia page on “Cossacks,” it had a citation referring to a 16th century time period. When searching for this specific ballad though, the internet search kept returning the Wikipedia result of “Ballad of Cossack Golota,” a soviet propaganda film made in 1937. I’m sure this needs some correction, such as a disambiguation link or something.

  1. FDR gave the UK the modern equivalent of $200 bn, which was paid back in full, with interest.
    He gave Russia a similar amount. Not one penny was repaid.
    For those Americans who begrudge what America is doing for Ukrainian freedom, Ukraine can pay her way. The US could take a cut of the profits that will come from Ukrainian white hydrogen and exotic rare earths that remain untapped.

  2. If it’s true, and we will help “for as long as it takes”, then there will be many billions more that will flow to Ukraine. Why not assure a quicker victory by handing over the requested critically important weapons, and thus having to send less? Not to mention saving countless lives and x amount of destruction.

  3. Well, is this 66 billions of delivered aid, or of promised one? As has been reported here before, of “$16.4 billion in USAI money appropriated by Congress”, “[US] government has signed contracts for $7 billion, or less than half”. Sure, the US are doing a lot to help, but sadly, too many officials there act as if these were peaceful times, without any urgency.

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