“Kyiv has balls” – NATO expert delighted with the new tactics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the war

August 6, 2023

Ukraine could bring down Russia’s oil exports in the Black Sea with constant attacks on Russian ships, leading to problems with insurers.

Ukraine could deal a heavy blow to the Russian economy by continuing its serial attacks on Russian warships and merchant ships in the Black Sea bound for the port of Novorossiysk. In this case, Moscow will have serious problems with insurance companies, which will bring down Russia’s offshore oil exports in the Black Sea.

Thomas Tyner, military expert of the NATO ground forces, writes about this on his page on the social network Twitter, noting the effective tactics of Ukraine in the war.

According to him, attacks on Russian ships will first increase the cost of insurance for Russian ships, and then cause a refusal to work with Russian shipping companies. Vessels cannot carry cargo without insurance.

“This is the way!! Make a small attack on the ships going to Novorossiysk and you will take away the insurance for sailing in Russia, and in this way you can impose an oil embargo on Russia and destroy its economy. Ukraine responded to Putin’s bluff. Kiev has balls, NATO wants them to be,” he writes.

Earlier, in response to the Russian statement about the closure of Ukrainian ports, Ukraine said that it would consider all ships bound for Russian Black Sea ports as carrying military cargo, declaring the northeastern part of the Black Sea a closed military zone. In such cases, insurance companies either significantly increase the cost of insurance, or refuse to work at all due to huge military risks.

Recall that the night attack on the Russian tanker SIG in the Kerch Strait, presumably, is the Security Service of Ukraine.


  1. “Kyiv has the balls, NATO wishes it had”

    We’ve seen this to be a fact for the past 17 months. Instead of taking an example of Ukraine’s courage, the majority of Western governments prefer being the pussies they have been for the past 2 or so decades.

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