“Kara heavenly”: it became known about the “arrivals” on another bridge (photo, video)

Marta Gichko16:40, 08/06/232 minutes.807

The attacked bridge allegedly leads from Genichesk to the Arabat Spit.

Sunday turned out to be unsuccessful for two bridges in the territories occupied by Russia. 

First, the occupiers reported strikes on the Chongarsky bridge , and now it has become known that the “bavovna” visited Genichesk, Kherson region.According to the Gauleiter of the Kherson region Volodymyr Saldo  on Telegram, the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired on the bridge across the Tonkiy Strait, which connects the occupied Genichesk with the Arabat Spit.The collaborator claims that Ukraine fired 12 missiles on this bridge, of which 9 shot down the air defense of the invaders. 

Allegedly, one civilian was injured, who was driving over the bridge at the time of arrival.

“The gas pipeline from the Strelkovskoye field to Genichesk, which ran next to the bridge, was also interrupted. More than 20,000 residents of the city were left without gas supply,” Saldo said.

Gas pipeline burning in Genichesk

But the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol,  Petr Andryushchenko  , said in Telegram that “heavenly punishment” happened to the bridge. According to him, the gas pipeline is on fire, and the bridge has received significant damage.The occupiers report a strike on the Chongar bridge

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