Humanitarian hub: Ukraine opened a checkpoint on the border with the Russian Federation for its citizens

Evgenia Sokolenko00:25, 08/07/232 minutes.15

A center with free psychological, legal and humanitarian assistance was opened there for Ukrainians.

Ukraine opened the border checkpoint Kolotilovka-Pokrovka, closed since the beginning of the full-scale war, on the border with the Russian Federation. 

By this route, Ukrainians will be able to return to the controlled territory of Ukraine through the Sumy region .

“Since yesterday, the crossing point on the border of the Belgorod and Sumy regions has resumed its work again,”  the press service  of the Ministry of Reintegration reported on August 6.

It is noted that the humanitarian corridor Kolotilovka (RF) – Pokrovka (Ukraine) will work for entry into Ukraine for those who return from the temporarily occupied territories – for citizens of our country.

On the border, the Ukrainian authorities organized the work of a volunteer humanitarian center. 

There, all Ukrainians can receive free psychological, legal and humanitarian assistance. 

They can also spend the night before heading to Sumy or other cities in Ukraine.The ministry added that a special evacuation train Sumy-Kyiv leaves the Sumy region daily. 

It departs from Sumy at 6:47 and arrives in Kyiv at 11:41. 

Upon arrival in the capital at the railway station, Ukrposhta pays each citizen UAH 3,000 for children and persons with disabilities and UAH 2,000 for all other persons.

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