HIMARS with ATACMS: The Upgrade Ukraine Desperately Needs (video)


HIMARS are now basically part of Ukrainian pop culture. And with good reason, since this weapon system helped save an entire country. But there is an upgrade for the HIMARS that Ukraine has been requesting for months: ATACMS. This would be the third upgrade for HIMARS, our wonder weapon, giving Ukraine even greater range and firepower. In this episode, we want to provide an ode to the HIMARS and give examples from the battlefield of how this weapon has changed the course of war and how it will continue to do so after the delivery of this new ammunition. Here is Talking Tactics!

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  1. What’s the difference between the orcs using Iranian drones to attack Ukraine, and Ukraine using ATACM’s to attack russians, or even russia?

  2. I’m positive that the tired, old man in the Yellow House knows how important certain weapons are for a Ukrainian victory. Not handing them over means he wants no Ukrainian victory.

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