Zelensky called the goals of the Russians during the evening missile attack on MOTOR SICH

Antonina Dolomanzhi21:16, 08/05/232 minutes.1535In the evening, the enemy launched Kalibr and Kinzhal missiles into Ukraine, some of the missiles were shot down by air defense.

During a massive missile attack that took place a few hours ago, the Russian invaders, in particular, hit the Motor Sich plant in Zaporozhye. Some of the missiles were shot down by air defense forces.”

Today, another Russian missile attack took place against our state. “Daggers”, “Caliber”.

They hit the Motor Sich, in our Khmelnytsky region,”  President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky said during a traditional evening video message

According to him, some of the missiles were shot down by air defense soldiers. The head of state stressed that no matter how many such Russian attacks, they will not give anything to the enemy.

“All the same, we will defend freedom for Ukraine, for all our people. Russia will not be able to replace international law with terror, or crises, or any intimidation,” Zelensky stressed.

He also added that Ukraine, in spite of everything, continues to receive defense aid packages and expects new ones.

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