Ukraine’s Security Service behind attack on Russian tanker: Video

 5 AUGUST 2023


The media have said the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has carried out a special operation leading to an explosion on SIG, a large Russian oil tanker.

Source: Interfax-Ukraine news agency, citing their sources in the SSU

Details: The source reported that on the night of 4-5 August, the SSU, together with the Ukrainian Navy, conducted a special operation resulting in an explosion on a large Russian oil tanker SIG, carrying fuel for the Russian army.

The special operation featured an uncrewed surface vessel (USV) loaded with 450 kg of TNT.

The SSU ran this special operation jointly with the Ukrainian Navy in the territorial waters of Ukraine.

The agency has not officially announced anything so far.

Media and Telegram channels are posting videos supposedly from the vessel that hit the tanker.

The source of the video is unknown.


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  1. So, this was indeed a tanker. According to some sources, it transported fuel to the mafia military. But, those days are over. This adds much to mafia woes in their logistics department.
    What also amazes me, besides how well these new drones work, is that the Ukrainians are able to control those drones remotely and receive video recordings from them.

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