SBU involved in the attack on a Russian tanker: an epic video from a sea drone appeared

Marta Gichko08:35, 08/05/232 minutes.8819

The tanker was transporting fuel for the Russian occupiers.

The Security Service of Ukraine was involved in the night attack on a Russian tanker near the Crimean bridge .

The video of the attack was provided by UNIAN sources in the SBU. It is noted that a marine drone attacked a SIG tanker with fuel for the Russian occupiers.

According to our sources in the SBU, the special operation was carried out according to the classic scenario: a surface drone, 450 kg of TNT, an explosion. 

As a result, one of the most powerful oil tankers of the Russian Federation (built in 2014, almost 5,000 tons) began a “negative voyage” near the Crimean bridge.“The tanker was well loaded with fuel, so the fireworks were visible from afar.

The SBU conducted its next successful special operation together with the Navy. It is interesting that it took place precisely in the territorial waters of Ukraine.Attack on a Russian tankerAttack on a Russian tanker

SIG tanker attack 

On the night of August 5, information appeared that there had been several explosions near the bridge. Henchmen of the Russian authorities claimed that three surface drones were allegedly eliminated in the Kerch Strait. 

Opponents blamed the Ukrainian side for the attack.Later,  information appeared that the chemical tanker Sig was damaged . 

A group of rescuers moved from Novorossiysk to the area where the incident occurred.The Russians are convinced that the Russian tanker Sig was damaged, as a result of which there allegedly was no fuel spill.  VChK-OGPU writes that the board received a hole as a result of a drone attack, and the engine room was flooded.

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