Minus the “eye of Mordor”: in the Kherson region of the Russian Federation lost important equipment

Larisa Kozova 11:37, 08/05/233 min.114

The enemy suffered new losses in the Kherson region.

Enemy losses  increased – in the Kherson region, the Odesa guards destroyed important equipment of the Russian Federation, which corrected the shelling and helped Russian saboteurs.According to the  press service of the Southern Operational-Territorial Association of the National Guard of Ukraine, the Murom-M observation complex (called the “eye of Mordor” in the media) was placed by the invaders on the bridge over the Konka River.

With the help of this equipment, the invaders carried out round-the-clock surveillance in order to prevent the breakthrough of the troops of the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

“Fighters of the 11th brigade named after Grushevsky of the Southern Operational-Territorial Association of the National Guard accurately calculated the coordinates of the enemy video surveillance equipment and inflicted a fire defeat with one precise blow,” the press service notes.

It is noted that the powerful Murom-M is a complex for round-the-clock autonomous video thermal imaging surveillance. 

Its optical equipment makes it possible to view a person at a distance of up to 10 km, and a thermal imager in the dark detects a car 8 km away and people 4 km away.”Stationary versions, like the one that the guardsmen destroyed, “see” for 15 km and monitor any movements of Ukrainian forces near the line of combat. They help the Russians correct artillery shelling and accompany Russian sabotage and reconnaissance groups,” the Ukrainian military said.Elimination of the enemy Murom-M

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  1. Very nice work! It’s amazing how the Ukrainians find and identify such targets. This must first be accomplished before attacking it, especially with valuable guided munitions.

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