Landslide in Georgia: one of the dead was a famous Ukrainian media woman

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The children and the woman’s lover, who also disappeared during the landslide, have not yet been found.

Famous Ukrainian media worker Alina Polikovskaya died during a landslide in Georgia. She was there with her chosen one and her three children.Polikovskaya’s body has already been found. 

Whether the children and the chosen one of the mediawoman survived has not yet been reported, the search continues. Her friends and colleagues wrote about the death of Polikovskaya. 

A lot of posts appeared on Facebook in which users recall the media worker and talk sadly about the tragedy.Polikovskaya’s Facebook page states that she worked for the Ukraina TV channel and was born in Nizhyn. 

A few years ago, the media player moved to the Netherlands.

In Georgia. She was there with her husband and three children. Landslide. 30 years old, they say, there was nothing like that. She was found. – it is not surprising that Zaza (Polikovskaya’s chosen one – UNIAN) understood this and took her to his place in the Netherlands.

They had a big wonderful family in Utrecht, “wrote journalist Olga Artyushenko.

Message about the death of a Ukrainian woman in Georgia / screenshot
Message about the death of a Ukrainian woman in Georgia / screenshot

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