Huge Hole: First Footage From Inside Damaged Russian SIG Tanker Published

The blow was so powerful that it demolished the captain’s cabin, located on the highest deck of the ship.


As reported, tonight combat drones massively attacked the Crimean bridge and damaged a Russian SIG tanker in the Kerch Strait.

Russian and Ukrainian Telegram channels have published photos from the inside of a SIG tanker damaged in a drone attack.

A sea drone hit the engine compartment and pump room of the largest Russian tanker.

The blow was so strong that it demolished the captain’s cabin, located on the highest deck of the ship.


  1. Wait a minute. I don’t understand. Didn’t the moskalis tell us they shot don all the drones? Oh. This must have been an act of God.

  2. Much as I like to see the moskali getting fucked, that, if it is the Captains Cabin, just looks like the aftermath of a good Party.

    The bullshit about pollution is just more bollocks from moskovia, they, after China, are one of the worst polluters in the World. Thanks to them, the Azov Sea is just a festering Chemical bucket.

    Hopefully this episode has put this Ship out f action for some time, then even if it does try to exit the Black Sea, hopefully Turkey will not allow it to.

    • That’s a fact. Mafia land is and always has been one of this planet’s worst polluters. I remember an article that showed the most polluted spot on the planet. That’s right, it’s in mafia land. And, look at what they did to the Caspian Sea. They turned it into a large duck pond.

        • Well, I guess you can look at it this way or another. Fact is, mafia land has the most polluted place on earth. There is a lake there that is almost all chemicals and merely standing by it even for only a few minutes will kill you! They are also the ones who made one of the planet’s largest freshwater lakes to almost disappear. And so on…

        • The difference is though, that India does it because they know no better or don’t care, whereas moskovia does it because they actually want to fuck everywhere up.

          Cunts deliberately being cunts.

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