“Bastards and geeks”: Medvedev “exploded” with threats due to attacks on Russian ships

Marta Gichko12:51, 08/05/232 minutes.1131

He threatens to strike Ukrainian cities against the backdrop of successful attacks at sea.

The disgraced Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev erupted in threats and insults due to attacks on Russian ships in the Black Sea.

The reaction appeared in the politician’s Telegram channel. In his emotional publication, he cynically stated that the Ukrainians “have few strikes against Odessa and Ishmael.”

“Bastards and degenerates understand only cruelty and strength. Apparently, they are not satisfied with strikes against Odessa, Izmail, etc. stink after that for centuries. This will be the final decision on the grain agreement for them,” Medvedev said.

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  1. Give him some more vodka, so that the monkey can calm down. The top drunkard of mafia land should take a look at many Ukrainian hospitals, apartment buildings, schools, and shopping centers, destroyed by their illegal war.

  2. Uninhibited Nazism and its self-promotion:

    “…only cruelty…”
    “…the final decision…” hard not to see an ORC’s nostalgia for Nazi processes of ’40 (the final solution)

    Does this ORC know how to do anything but bark and empty bottles from morning till night?

  3. “Bastards and degenerates understand only cruelty and strength. Did you look in your mirror again, Meddy?

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