Another precious life taken too soon

From the FB page; Stand With Ukraine.

Roman Os.

Aug 4

Another precious life taken too soon, by this senseless brutal war. A war started by a short, senile, pathetic excuse for a human.

Anna Filina is with Yulia Shevchenko.

Still can’t believe you are gone..

Yuli was only 24 years old, but it did not prevent her from entering the benches of the Armed Forces to protect our country from the tan.
She was a very brave, sincere and good girl.
I’ve known her all my life. Back in 2017 we went hiking together in Norway. I always thought that we would still travel together when the war ended…

July 31, July was killed by Russia.

Julia, we will never forget you! We will never forgive you, rest in peace..

Helping Julie’s mom out:

I still can’t believe, that you’re gone…

This is Yulia Shevchenko. She was only 24 years old, but brave enough to join the Military Forces of Ukraine to fight for our country.

She was very courageous, sincere, and kind.

I knew her my whole life and I remember the great memories we had backpacking through Norway together in 2017. I always thought that we would go somewhere else when the war is over.

On July 31st, she was killed by russia.

We will never forget her!
And we will never forgive!
Rest in Peace My Dear Friend.

Help Yulia’s mother:

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