Ukraine’s Female Soldiers (video)


Ukraine’s female front line soldiers facing a disinformation war

Some 5,000 women are currently serving as combat as combat troops in Ukraine, often fighting sexist attitudes within their own ranks.

As the country continues to make small territorial gains, it’s also battling a second front line in the form of Russian propaganda.

Disinformation has been used as a tactic since 2014 when Moscow illegally annexed Crimea, but it has become increasingly targeted, focusing on Ukrainian front line female soldiers in particular.

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  1. What a very fine woman. So sorry for her physical pain and the pain of missing her son.
    All because of dirty, evil, nazi RuZZia.

  2. Ukrainian women are drop dead gorgeous in their heart, mind and body. Moreover they carry a spirit that inspires and provides that underlying moral support for our country and anyone who is blessed to be close to them. God bless them, God bless all our heroes.

  3. “some 5000 women are serving in combat”
    ~And approximately 60,000 women serve in Ukraine’s armed forces. Source: Business Insider
    “Disinformation has been used as a tactic since 2014 when Moscow invaded Crimea”
    ~The tactic has been used by muscovia for waaay longer than that.

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