Ukraine’s “Candy Bombs” (video)


3D Printers, ChatGPT Instructions: Ukraine’s “Candy Bombs” are helping it to beat ammunition “crunch”

Ukraine is 3D-printing bombs as it looks for ways to overcome ammunition shortages and sustain it’s counteroffensive against Russia. According to a report by the Economist, Ukraine has turned to “Candy Bombs” amid weapons and ammunition shortages.

Ukraine’s amateur weapons-makers are churning out various models of improvised ammunition that are 3D printed at home and abroad. The 3D-printed casings are then sent off to be filled with C4 explosives and shrapnel before being employed on the battlefield. It’s one of the examples of war-time innovations by Ukraine over the 17 months since Russia’s invasion.

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  1. This is very cool.
    The downside is that this is very sad. If we can’t even supply enough ammo to Ukraine, what will happen if bat virus land should ever start a war?
    We have sunk very low. We spend trillions on defense over the decades, but don’t have enough basic ammo for a single war.

    • “don’t have enough basic ammo for a single war.”

      I don’t think that’s true. I think that the military wants to maintain enough ammo to fight a war, which means they don’t have enough to spare to fully supply Ukraine.

      If we sent them everything we had, *then* we wouldn’t have enough for a single war.

      • Well, our defense doctrine has always been to be prepared to fight TWO wars. Right now, Ukraine is in the process of eliminating one of our biggest enemies. Yet, we’re “running out of ammo”. This tells me that we are NOT prepared to fight two wars. Maybe two mini wars, but not real ones. That is very sad, no matter how you twist and turn it.

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