Ukraine Frontline: (video)


Ukraine Frontline: This is trench warfare’s most effective weapon

Daily Mail reporter Richard Pendlebury went to the Ukrainian frontline in July 2023. In this report, he explains why trench warfare still dominates conflict despite the use of 21st century weapons including drones and hypersonic missiles. A Ukrainian soldier also gives a gripping account of what storming a trench is really like.

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  1. Pendlebury is a good bloke; always supportive of Ukraine. Unlike the Mail’s chief putler butt-licker; Peter Hitchens.
    His interviewees were thoughtful, intelligent, professional and highly motivated.
    Ukraine needs another one million of men and women like them.

  2. Interesting video. Thanks, Bill.
    We need the means to destroy orc supplies and heavy equipment, from the near front lines to the deep backcountry. This will save lots of precious Ukrainian blood.
    If only the sleepy jerk in the Yellow House would see it this way, too.

    • Instead of begging for the obvious weapons we should prepare for putting Obama, Trump and Biden on trial for high treason. They betrayed fundamental interests of the United States and its allies.

      • If it only were so easy. I would love to see all three stooges share a dark and dank prison hole on bread and water. Which one of those luxury-loving monkeys would kick the bucket the soonest?

          • So, the perverted orange baboon will kick the bucket first. Unless the guards feed him some pee pee.

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