To see war end ASAP, Ukraine needs long-range missile systems, aircraft – expert


Western politicians who want to put an end to the Russo-Ukrainian war as soon as possible should understand that there is only one way to move forward, which is to provide more military aid to Kyiv.

Security and foreign policy analyst and commentator Jessica Berlin stated this in an interview with Ukrinform.

“If the war needed to end as soon as possible in the eyes of Western capitals, then the way forward is clear. Send more help. Full stop. If you want this war to be over ASAP, give Ukraine the long-range missile systems, the ammunition, and the air support capacity (the jets that you need),” she stressed.

According to the analyst, the West asks Ukraine’s Armed Forces to carry out a counteroffensive across thousand-plus kilometers of heavily mined entrenched defensive front without air superiority.

“This is something that no NATO military would ever even consider. It’s madness, really, from a military strategic perspective if you’re a NATO military planner. But this is precisely what NATO is expecting of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. So anybody who is complaining that the offensive going too slowly, the answer is clear. We need to send more help more quickly – demining equipment, long-range missiles, and air support capacity,” Berlin said.

As reported, the Pentagon foresees that the counteroffensive against Russia will be difficult and long, but the United States will continue to support Ukraine “for as long as necessary.”


  1. Even certain women are speaking more military sense than the vast majority of their male counterparts across the Western world. I say males, because they are not men. Real men know what is needed in such a difficult military situation and do the right thing, here, now, in sufficient numbers. What we have are pussies that shit their breeches every time the drunk moscow monkey Medvedev mentions nukes, which is every other day.

    • Spoken like a true texan. 😁 In Louisiana we only have strong women. I would add Tennessee, South Carolina and Mississippi to that list. Independent from my partly ukrainian roots i always adored the strength of resolute ukrainian, serbian and moldovan women. 😎

      • That’s right, Mike! I’ve also lived in Tennessee and I must agree with you about the women there!😋

  2. First, it’s true Ukrainians are fighting under conditions that NATO countries never would. Of course NATO countries would never lease Russia area for a large and important (to them) military base.

    I am not sure if that lease has been cancelled or the legalities around it, but certainly most countries consider attacks on their military bases attacks on them. Hence the reluctance to give certain aid (which may be needed for other battles).

    As for many in the West being pussies or somehow weak, you should be glad they are. There was talk and plans for using nukes during the Vietnam war (remember your Soviet days) and I don’t wonder if that would have ended badly for everyone. But yeah, some in the Pentagon argued the difficult situation warranted it.

    And if y’all are real men, then take care of your own problems instead of crying for help from those who are by your words so much weaker than you!

    But yeah, Ukraine rightly deserves aid to retake Crimea.

    • No, I am NOT glad that we have so many pussies in the West. This is the main cause for this war. The rat and his gang knew that our response would be weak. If he had known that our response would be strong, this war would have never been started.
      I see that this false line of thinking that you illuminated to us in your post is still very much part of many people’s thinking. You simply do not understand the mindset of the ruskie. That is very dangerous. The ruskie spits on your carrot. But, he fears your stick.

    • “if y’all are real men, then take care of your own problems instead of crying for help”

      Victim-blaming is a Kremlin trait. Don’t forget who invaded who here. And don’t forget the numerous treaties Russia broke when they invaded. Have no fucking doubt Ukrainians have real men there fighting Hitler 2.0’s war criminals.

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