They refused lighting and saved on food: Odessa deputies sent UAH 268 million to the military

Deputies of the Odessa City Council during the August 4 session redistributed 417 million hryvnias from the city budget to help the Defense Forces of Ukraine.According to the mayor Gennady Trukhanov, this year’s budget is military, so the city can give up a number of areas that are not of paramount importance. 

In particular, it was decided to abandon the large-scale repair of street lighting systems, which made it possible to save 175 million hryvnias. 

Additional funds were provided by forced savings on the nutrition of schoolchildren and preschool children (institutions did not work), as well as on electricity (blackouts).

“We not only met, but also exceeded the planned targets, therefore we have the opportunity to direct free funds to help the military and Odessa residents who suffered from the aggression of the Russian Federation,” said Gennady Trukhanov.

The lion’s share of the amount – 268 million hryvnia – is aimed at implementing the “Safe City” and “Promoting the development of territorial defense units and volunteer formations of the territorial community of the city of Odessa” programs. 

In particular, an additional UAH 5.5 million was allocated for the modernization of the equipment of one of the units of the National Guard, UAH 13.5 million was added to meet the logistics needs of the Ukrainian Navy, as well as food for military sailors. 

UAH 20.6 million was thrown at the operational command “South”, which will be able to improve the material and technical condition of its units.

Along with real articles that require stable funding, there are frankly strange items. 

So, for example, UAH 1.6 million is allocated to the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the purchase of a car, and 5 million will be spent on the regional department of the State Bureau of Investigation, which is actually located in Nikolaev, in particular, on the repair of its administrative building.Social programs will also receive additional funding, it will increase by UAH 174.5 million. 

In particular, UAH 36.5 million was transferred to the fund for providing assistance to those whose houses were damaged by missile attacks.


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  1. This is wonderful. We are often bombarded with the corruption of local governments and now we see how a really good council can help everyone. Great story.

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