Russia’s ‘Thwarted’ Black Sea Attack Claims ‘Fake’ Says Ukraine, Has Video to Prove It

According to the Security Service of Ukraine, the Russian assault ship ‘Olenegorsky Gornyak’ was damaged in the attack. Videos show it being towed back to port in a sorry state.

by Maryna ShashkovaChris York

File photo of the Russian assault ship ‘Olenegorsky Gornyak’. PHOTO: Wikipedia

Russia’s claim that it had thwarted a Ukrainian attack on a Black Sea naval base overnight are “fake,” Ukraine has said, after it published a video of what appears to be a sea-borne drone successfully attacking one of Moscow’s ships.

Russia said on Friday morning it had repelled a Ukrainian sea and air drone attack in Novorossiysk Bay on the Crimean peninsula.

“Tonight, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, with the use of two unmanned sea boats, attempted an attack on the Novorossiysk naval base of the Russian Armed Forces,” the defense ministry said on Telegram.

But just a few hours later, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) released a video shot at nighttime showing a water-borne drone approaching a ship.

In a comment to Kyiv Post, sources at the SBU said: “The SBU conducted a special operation in Novorossiysk Bay – the large amphibious assault ship ‘Olenegorsky Gornyak’ was damaged.

“The video shows how an SBU surface drone, loaded with 450 kilograms of TNT, attacking an enemy ship with about 100 crew members.

“As a result of the attack, the Olenegorsky Gornyak received a serious hole and is currently unable to perform its combat tasks. Therefore, all Russian statements about a ‘repulsed attack’ are fake.”

Unverified videos posted to social media show a reportedly show large ship listing to the side being towed into Novorossiysk port.

The number of attacks in the sea has increased from both sides since Moscow exited a deal last month that had allowed Ukrainian grain exports via the shipping hub during the conflict between the two countries.


  1. It’s tugboat time! The lack of incoming fire on the drone, suggests the orcs didn’t even detect it on their radar. How embarrassing!

    • To be fair though foccusser, there are always tug boats around moskali ships.

      Its the only method of propulsion they have.

  2. I know a lot about Boats and Ships.
    Its probably the subject I know most about, having spent all my life involved with them in various capacities.

    That one is fucked.

      • Shame it didn’t sink, but putting it out of action for a few weeks minimum is also good.

          • In the West, its an easy repair, the Keel is still uncompromised, so simplistically, its a patch weld over the hole and refit what got fucked inside.

            In the shithole though, although they might have some Welders they have yet to mobilise, the gear inside is likely to be unavailable.

            We should wait until it is safely in the Dry Dock then it needs to meet Mr. HIMARS.

            • The welders they had have been wasted on the front lines, and the ones they have left over are going to be so drunk that I would never trust this boat to be seaworthy again. Maybe they will even manage to burn it to the ground while “repairing” it.

  3. This is an awesome act on the part of the Ukrainians. It’s one thing attacking Sevastopol, but Novorossisk is twice as far away. And, to hit a ship like that …
    My hat goes off to the ones responsible for this strike!

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