Polish General: Helicopter Pilots Near Belarusian Border Will Not Hesitate To Open Fire

The Lukashenka regime was warned against repeating provocations


Poland sent its combat helicopters to the border with Belarus and strengthened the border area. The pilots will act decisively and strike in case of provocations from the Belarusian direction. This was stated in the Ministry of National Defense of the country.

According to the Polish TPV Info, Warsaw, after the Belarusian helicopters crossed the air borders, deployed its combat helicopters of the 1st Aviation Brigade of the Ground Forces and the 25th Air Cavalry Brigade there.

General Marek Sokołowski said that according to the order of the Minister of National Defense Mariusz Blaszczak, a decision was made to immediately strengthen the Belarusian direction.

According to him, attack helicopters will be in immediate response mode, and in case of provocations, pilots will resort to decisive steps.“Helicopters are armed and ready to fight. There are several experienced and quite skilled pilots here, there are pilots who physically used airborne weapons and missiles with me in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are experienced. If something unsettling happens, they will not hesitate to use weapons,” Sokołowski stressed.

Important to note, on August 1, two combat helicopters of Belarus crossed the air border of Poland. The incident took place as part of a joint exercise between the Belarusian military and Wagner militants. The combat vehicles were flying very low, so it was difficult for Polish tracking equipment to detect them.

Warsaw made a statement and notified the North Atlantic Alliance about the incident.


  1. “Helicopter Pilots Near Belarusian Border Will Not Hesitate To Open Fire”

    People, THIS is the kind of language that makes the orcs to listen up. NOT the woke garbage from various Western leaders that makes the orcs laugh their asses off. THIS is what we should do when the orcs endanger our aircraft or make them crash!

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