Why russian airborne forces as a branch of the military no longer exist. (video)


Recap of AFU putting the smack down on the rashist VDV

But was led to post by a gun instructor removing a couple morons at the end of the video, that have no business being at the range let alone owning a firearm.

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  1. It no longer exists because the core of mafia airborne forces have already been fed to the dogs or have sprouted as sunflowers.

  2. If I didn’t know better I would not believe the bitch or the two idiots at the gun range. When I’m at the range I usually think the Range Marshalls have great job and little concern as I’ve always seen people being respectful of the weapons and each other. But seeing that clip I’m now sure Marshall’s run across idiots like that all the time. Speaking of idiots, that girl (aka idiotic bitch) are representative of the shear naivety of the Moskali population. They really believe this shit. Unreal!

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