Ukrainian offensive: National Guard penetrated 650 meters deep into Russian defenses

Units of a Ukrainian National Guard brigade have penetrated 650 meters deep into the enemy’s defenses and are entrenching themselves on the achieved lines.

Ukraine’s National Guard said this in a post on Telegram, Ukrinform reports.

“Units of an operational brigade of the National Guard advanced about 650 meters deep into the enemy’s defenses, one-and-a-half kilometers along the front line and entrenched themselves on the achieved lines,” the message reads.

In this sector, Ukrainian National Guard soldiers continued offensive actions as part of strike groups.

On the Mariinka and Berdiansk axis, National Guard units are on the defensive, preventing the enemy from achieving a positive result.

On the Kupiansk axis, National Guard forces reliably hold their positions, and special purpose units continue conducting aerial reconnaissance.

In the border areas of the Sumy region, the guardsmen carry out measures to expose the intentions of the enemy’s subversive groups and prevent their activities on Ukrainian territory.

In the Kherson sector, National Guard units continue to carry out humanitarian demining measures, stabilization measures and perform other tasks to support the actions of the Ukrainian defense forces.

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