Russian state TV argues Ukraine should not exist


    • Sir Scradgel that was a wonderful interview. It was concise and easily understood both Project Retribution (Payback) but also the entire genesis of so called nazism in Ukraine. I encourage everyone to spend the 15 minutes and listen to Professor Luciuk. Great find and thanks again for being so diligent and finding these gems Sir Scradgel.

      • Credit to the KP for giving him a platform. I will be certainly looking out for his contributions in the future!
        RuZZian propaganda unfortunately is effective. Thanks to those nazi fucks, the global reputation of the patriot and visionary Stepan Bandera is down the shitter; aided and abetted by putler shills like Peter Hitchens.
        Even some Ukrainians are ashamed of him and there is no need.
        Time for historians to rehabilitate him.

        • My parents were from Western Ukraine and Stephen Bandera was always highly regarded. That’s why I’ve been amazed as to why the west looked down on him. He was obviously a threat as he was assassinated by the KGB.

  1. These monstrous nazis discussing the complete annihilation of Ukraine, nevertheless still find time to express their solidarity with the predicament of Trumpkov.

  2. That skanky cunt again.

    She’ll get thrown from a window sometime in the future by the Ukrainian version of Mossad.

  3. Listening to this cunt’s rants is like listening to flies enjoying a steaming pile of dog shit.

  4. They are right ! I have read all the Orc statements that define their relationship with third nations. It’s all very clear!

    “will only be recognized as a State, the territories on which the rights of rape, barbarism or any other genocidal act are fully respected and implemented in opposition to any other doctrine promoting: the development of its population, the development of its cross-border relations , the application of international law”

    Altered Nations and Amnestyx fully agree with this analysis!

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