“Looks like a Jewess: in Russia, the “heroes of the SVO” tried to drown a girl in a fountain (video)

Angela Bachevskaya19:18, 08/03/232 minutes.657

One of them threatened to kill her.

In the Russian city of Kamensk-Uralsk (Sverdlovsk region), two invaders who returned from the war in Ukraine attacked a girl.This is written by the local edition  KU66.RU with reference to the mother of an 18-year-old Russian woman. According to her, the incident took place on August 1 near the Elephant Fountain. 

“Two members of the SVO attacked my daughter. Everything got on the cameras. They didn’t like her appearance, they say she looks like a Jewess and has blue hair,” she said.

A video from a surveillance camera has leaked to the network, where you can see that one of the men grabbed the girl by the neck, forcefully led her to the fountain and tried to keep her under water. 

He then started throwing food at her head.”The second one hit her in the face, while threatening to kill her if they see her again.

She lives in this courtyard and is afraid to go outside now,” the woman said, adding that the attackers “shouted throughout the courtyard that they had come with the SVO “.In Russia, they tried to drown a girl because of her hair colorIn Russia, they tried to drown a girl because of her hair color

Russian soldiers return home

In the Russian media, news about crimes by soldiers returning from the war in Ukraine is increasingly appearing. 

Experts warned that the invaders, feeling impunity, would continue to commit atrocities, but in Russia.

Recall that this spring in Moscow, the Russian occupier committed a brutal  attack on his neighbor,  after which he set fire to her bed.

In the village of Novy Burets, Kirov Region, a mercenary from the private military company Wagner walked the streets with an ax and a knife, threatening the locals, and then brutally  killed the woman from whom he rented  a house.In the Samara region, a contract soldier  raped an underage girl , and in Novosibirsk, violence was reported against two schoolgirls .

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  1. Another masterstroke by Putler. Allow the lowest vermin in russia to return home from murdering Ukrainians, to committing the same atrocities in mafia land.

  2. The ex-Chief Rabbi of Russia; Pinchas Goldschmidt, said last December that all Jews should leave.
    Of course they should; if they still are not aware that they are living in a Nazi country by now, they are mad.
    Of course that won’t save poor vulnerable girls like this one; it’s sufficient just to bear a resemblance to a Jew in the cauldron of devilry.
    The Jews should find ways to get their money out too; that would hurt the putinaZi economy.

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