“Amazing” – Bakhmutsky Demon told how the Armed Forces of Ukraine are smashing the Russians

August 3, 2023 – Translated from Russian via Google and OFP

The Ukrainian military confirms the positive dynamics of the advancement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Bakhmut direction of the front.

Information continues to be received about the successful actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which are advancing south of Bakhmut in several directions at once.

A fighter of the Ukrainian army, widely known under the nickname “Bakhmutsky Demon”, reports in his Telegram channel that the 77th separate airmobile and 22nd separate mechanized brigades are destroying Russian units, destroying equipment and personnel of the invaders.

The success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is confirmed by the capture of the Russian military, as the fighter writes.

The speed of the advance is slowed down by the mined and difficult terrain, as well as enemy artillery fire. However, Bakhmutsky Demon notes, the Russian army cannot stop the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and was only able to achieve a decrease in the speed of advance.

He also noted that separate units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine entered the territory of Bakhmut, capturing Russian war trophies.

As previously reported, a Russian military propagandist blogger and commander of a Kadyrov’s UAV detachment was liquidated near Kleshcheevka.

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