US ambassador to Ukraine condemns attacks

Just now:

The US ambassador to Ukraine condemns the repeated attacks on its grain and port infrastructure.

On social media, Bridget Brink wrote: “Homes. Ports. Grain silos. Historic buildings. Men. Women. Children. Round-the-clock and intensifying Russian strikes on Kryvyi Rih, Kharkiv, Kyiv, Kherson make it clear once again Russia has no desire for peace, no thought for civilian safety, and no regard for people around the world who rely on food from Ukraine.”


  1. The words are absolutely fine.
    If only she did not stop there. They will have no effect whatsoever on the putinaZis without meaningful threats.
    Putler and Erdogan will probably stitch up a deal later this month.
    Grain must go only to those African countries that condemn the putler regime without reservation.
    Which is unfortunately a very small number.
    Many of them are happy to buy grain from putler which has been thieved from Ukraine.
    This evil treachery must be punished harshly.

  2. Today in the DT:

    “Mykhailo Polyak, an advisor to President Zelensky, said “Moscow is rapidly getting used to a full fledged war, which in turn will soon finally move to the territory of the authors of the war, to collect all their debts. Everything that will happen in Russia is an objective historical process. More unidentified drones, more collapse, more civil conflicts, more war”.
    His comments echo President Zelensky’s comments on Sunday after their drones hit Moscow when he said that the war was returning to the territory of Russia.”

  3. Here’s a thought Madam Ambassador…stop with the condemnation and DO SOMETHING about it!!!

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