Ukraine has only 26 units of equipment for humanitarian demining

02.08.2023 22:13

Ukraine currently has only 26 units of equipment for humanitarian demining.”Humanitarian demining is a separate direction without which recovery or transformation is simply impossible.

We are already actively working on it, we are enlisting the help of partners. There are specific countries that can help, there is specific equipment that we need, in particular, these are drones and heavy demining machines. Currently, we have only 26 of them in our country.

This is very few. We need more,” President Volodymyr Zelensky said during a meeting with the heads of foreign diplomatic missions, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

He added that First Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Economy Yuliya Svyrydenko is the curator of the humanitarian demining direction.

As reported, the Ukrainian company manufacturing a machine to prepare soil for demining has received a certificate of conformity, which allows it to be manufactured and used for demining territories.



  1. We need to ship them armored tractors with extra wide reinforced plows geared with remote control and plenty of extra batteries for civilian use. And yes Sir Veth many thousands more military grade deminers for the AFU!

  2. I was lobbying for minesweepers for the past six months. No offensive will succeed without clearing the mines and blowing up the Kerch bridge. I wish i was POTUS, but since my grandfather’s grandfather served in the Confederate Army they would smear me anyway. Not to mention my involvement with Serbia.

  3. We still have so much military materiel just sitting around uselessly. I will never understand the chicken shit mentality of the Biden administration.

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