The threat has increased: a powerful Russian missile carrier has entered the waters of the Black Sea

Larisa Kozova17:38, 02.08.232 min.947

The total volley of Calibers increased to 12.

In the Black Sea, the number of cruise missiles carried by Russian ships on duty in the water area has increased significantly.

The invaders are again increasing the presence of missile carriers. “Underwater and surface missile carriers have been put on combat duty.

The total salvo of Calibers in this case can reach 12 missiles. The missile threat level is very high,” the operational command “South” reported .

People are asked to be alert, heed for air-raid alarms and take shelter.

In turn, the Ukrainian military warned that the Defense Forces are on alert, but the consequences of combat work can be dangerous. 

In particular, during the shooting down of enemy targets, debris is quite likely to fall. 

It should be noted that, according to the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it is quite problematic for Ukraine to detect submarine missile carriers in the Black Sea that strike at Ukrainian territory. 

In general, the Russians currently have three missile-carrying submarines in the waters of the Black Sea, each with up to four missiles on board. The total volley of enemy missiles can be up to 52 units, which are equipped with two frigates, three submarines and, according to some reports, three boats.

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