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Military personnel who shoot down Russian drones in the Kyiv region will not receive additional payments from February 2023.

Military National Guardsmen, who shoot down Russian drones over critical infrastructure in the Kyiv region as part of a company group , complain that they do not receive extra pay.

As “Ukrainian Pravda” reports , the military performs a combat mission in accordance with a separate order of the military unit. Namely: they cover the airspace of a critical infrastructure facility and repel Russian strikes on this facility.

According to the article, military personnel of the 3101st military unit, which shoot down Russian drones in the Kyiv region, from February 2023 receive only the basic 20,000 hryvnias, they do not receive additional payments.

The military several times appealed to their leadership about the reasons for the non-payment. 

One of the answers states that the military group is allegedly not involved in anti-aircraft cover, but only in guarding the facility.”Ukrainian Pravda” asked for a comment the commander of the 3101 military unit Vyacheslav Syvka, as well as the press service of the National Guard. The editors asked why the military is not paid extra money, whether they filed reports about it and whether any measures are being taken to resolve the issue.

The press service promised to give an answer. However, it was not sent for two weeks.The commander of the military unit refused to comment on the issue personally.

Promised payouts

Large additional payments for the military were approved by the Cabinet of Ministers at the initiative of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the beginning of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation. In particular, those defenders who take direct part in hostilities were paid 100,000 hryvnias per month, others – 30,000 hryvnias per month.

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