Russian strikes devastate 40,000t of grain bound for Africa, China, Israel

02.08.2023 17:00

The Russians using Iranian-made drones have been attacking the infrastructure of Ukraine’s ports in the Danube cluster, leaving almost 40,000 tonnes of food products intended for African countries, China, and Israel damaged.This was announced on Facebook by Deputy Prime Minister for Reconstruction, Minister of Community, Territory, and Infrastructure Development Oleksandr Kubrakov, Ukrinform reports.”

Ukrainian grain is irreplaceable for the world and it cannot be replaced by any other country in the coming years.

That is why any disruption of logistics chains causes a shortage and price hikes, which affects everyone around the world,” the minister emphasized.According to Kubrakov, the Russians attacked warehouses and grain silos located in the ports of the Danube cluster.

Almost 40,000 tonnes of products bound for African countries, China, and Israel were damaged.

The Port of Izmail suffered the greatest destruction.

The sea station and infrastructure of the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company, a key Ukrainian freight carrier on the Danube, were also damaged.

“The world must resist. Attacks on Ukrainian ports are a threat to the world. We are able to defend ourselves, our air defense forces know how to use weapons effectively.

We need more of those. Every system is a life saved. The pace and determination are the destiny of the strong,” Kubrakov added.

As reported, wheat prices on the Chicago Stock Exchange jumped by 4% after the Russian attack on the port of Izmail on the night of August 2. Later, they increased by another 2.5%. Traders are concerned about a blow to global supplies due to Ukraine being pushed out of the market.



    • The Moskali have at least a 100 year history of stealing Ukrainian grain when they already have the largest country in the world. Tells you something doesn’t it?…

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