Russian propaganda fueling Africa coups – Borrell

02.08.2023 17:20

EU High Representative Josep Borrell says Russia is fueling coups d’état in African countries with the aim of exploiting the region’s resources.The official addressed the topic in a blog on the website of the European External Action Service, Ukrinform reports.”Some of these military regimes (in Africa – ed.) and their allies accuse the European Union and its member states of interference.

However, the European Union is only present in the Sahel at the request of the legitimate governments of the countries of the region and always respects their sovereign decisions.

The only interference we can talk about today is that of the military who overthrow an elected President and that of an imperialist Russia who wants to use these regimes as pawns in its world chess game,” Borrell said.He recalled that over the past 33 years, 32 military coups have taken place in Africa.

“Vladimir Putin’s Russia has been fueling these coups with its false propaganda and profiting from the installation of these military regimes with its private militias which plunder the wealth of the region,” EU’s top diplomat emphasized.

He believes that the path of military dictatorship threatens the security and economic and social development of the entire region.

“Russia’s wonderful promises in economic matters are never kept and in terms of security, the facts speak for themselves: in Mali, terrorist attacks and exactions against the population have multiplied since Wagner’s arrival,” Borrell wrote.

As Ukrinform reported earlier, in Niger, a military group removed from power the democratically elected President, Mohamed Bazum, along with his government. A number of European states, including Ukraine, condemned the coup.

The United States has said that it has no evidence of involvement of Russia or Wagner Group in the power toppling in Niger, adding that Washington does not rule out that the Kremlin seeks to take advantage of the instability in the country.

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