Izmail port stopped working due to Russian attack – Reuters (photo)

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Tracking data shows that dozens of international vessels stop and anchor in the mouth of the Danube.

As a result of a series of missile strikes by Russia, the port of Izmail in the Odesa region has suspended its work.

As Reuters reports, the attacks destroyed buildings in the port of Izmail and stopped ships preparing to arrive there to load Ukrainian grain in defiance of the blockade that Russia reimposed in mid-July. Fires are known to occur. 

Elevators, grain hangars, production and storage facilities were significantly damaged. 

Commercial vessel surveillance data shows dozens of international vessels stopping and anchoring at the mouth of the Danube, many of them registered to arrive in Izmail from the Black Sea, apparently in an attempt to break the Russian blockade.

Two industry sources told Reuters that operations at the port had been suspended. 

The head of the seaport administration, Yuriy Lytvyn, reported on Facebook that repair work has already begun and the port’s infrastructure continues to function.

According to the BBC , Oleg Kiper, the head of the Odesa regional administration, confirmed the information that after the Russian attack on the ports on the Danube, fires broke out there and the elevator was damaged.”There were no data on casualties.

The final data and results of combat work will be from the military command,” Kiper said.

The prosecutor’s office clarifies that an elevator, grain hangars, tanks of one of the cargo terminals, as well as production, warehouse and administrative premises were damaged or destroyed in Izmail.

The information that the three-story building “Morvokzal” received significant damage was also confirmed.

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Strikes on Ukrainian ports

On the night of July 27, the enemy attacked one of the administrative buildings of the port in Odesa region. 

As a result,  the production equipment of one of the cargo terminals was damaged.  Caliber missiles were fired from a submarine in the Black Sea at a critically low altitude, which made detection difficult. 

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