F-16 fighters: it became known that the training of Ukrainian pilots is delayed

Kateryna Schwartz09:06, 08/02/232 min.534

The training plan has not yet been approved.

The training of Ukrainian pilots on American F-16 fighters is delayed. 

The fact is that the White House is still waiting for the European governments to present the final training plan.As CNN reports , citing US officials, without this plan, the US administration cannot certify the transfer of necessary materials and equipment for the F-16, including simulators and training materials.

Also, until the corresponding training plan is approved, the Pentagon cannot make a final decision on whether to send American pilots to help Ukrainian pilots in training. This option is being considered in the department.

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  1. some people should be eliminated for delaying the programme.
    i do suspect the Dutch, they cannot get anything done these days

    • Bert you could be right but I wouldn’t judge the Dutch. They have been relentless friends and have pushed and have continued to push for Ukraine. God bless them

        • Welcome to the club of political losers, Bert. The French, German, Italian, Austrian, Hungarian, Swiss, Spanish, and American politics are also a mess..

        • I agree with Sir OFP but Bert I thank you and all the Dutch for all the support. God bless you all.

    • The article says that the White House is still waiting for the European governments to present the final training plan. Do you have any evidence to the contrary?

        • I haven’t seen anything suggesting that the above report is incorrect. You’re the one who suggested a different reason, so I’d hope that you had something to back up that assertion. Or is it simply BDS?

          • I guess the fact that the Dems wanted to impeach the orange fuck for sabotaging Ukraine, and Biden still withholding helicopters, mine sweepers and long range missiles is also Europe’s fault or maybe BDS.

            • You made a statement that “The only one delaying this is the White House itself.”

              I asked what your basis for that was.

              I can only assume that your lack of an answer to the question means that you don’t have any basis for saying that.

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