Russian government is no longer capable of protecting its population from war – UK Intelligence

31 JULY 2023

The latest events in the Russian Federation, in particular drone attacks on Moscow and the acceleration of conscription into the army, show that the Kremlin is no longer capable of protecting its population from war, according to UK intelligence.

Source: UK Defence Intelligence report on 31 July, as European Pravda reported 

Details: The intelligence says that currently, the priority task for the Russian authorities is to introduce changes to the legislation that will allow more men to be drafted into the army more quickly.

Intelligence recalls that in mid-July, the State Duma of the Russian Federation raised the maximum conscription age from 27 to 30 years and left the minimum age at 18 years.

Although the conscripts are not currently serving in Ukraine, they relieve professional and mobilised soldiers from other duties inside Russia, the intelligence added.

On 24 July 2023, President Putin signed a bill gradually raising the upper age limit for those subject to conscription as reservists: senior officers can now be mobilised up to 70.

In the autumn of 2022, the reservists were included in the number of “partially mobilised”, and now they can ensure a faster increase in the number of people participating in combat operations in Ukraine.

Quote: “The increased chance of being compelled to fight, drone attacks on Moscow, exceptional level of domestic repression, and the recent Wagner mutiny combine to highlight the Russian state’s failure to insulate the population from the war,” the message reads.

Background: The day before, the UK Ministry of Defence reported that the Wagner Group militants arrived in Belarus mostly without their heavy equipment, and they might have handed it over to the Russian Ministry of Defence.

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  1. The crime syndicate gets exposed more and more as a huge Potemkin Village. Even simple Ukrainian drones can make it all the way to the shithole’s capital city. Grandfathers must help protect the little evil runt’s regime. A huge part of the country’s wealth is being pumped into a war, which is being lost. And, so forth.

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