Soviet emblem cut off from Ukraine’s Motherland Monument statue (video)


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  1. I watched the video. Very nice!!

    Maybe Kyiv’s engineers can find a way to lift a traditional Ukrainian maiden’s wreath to the statue’s head, and perhaps other pieces of celebratory dress.

    I admit to still being more ignorant than I’d like to say, of Cossack history, but I was wondering if there’s any way to make it look like the wife of Yaroslav the Wise. With Kyiv having been a fully fortified city when moscow was still a tree-covered wilderness, this asserts that Ukraine is the rightful heir of his legacy. Russia wouldn’t need to attack their slavic “brothers” (let alone continuing so stubbornly), if their argument had serious evidence to it.

    Patriotic pride isn’t just American, it’s also about the heritage you know of the goodness of your ancestors, and Ukraine clearly is very serious about this. God bless you for throwing down a symbol of the soviets.

    • Not sure that they wanted to modify it more than that, but the wreath idea sounded cool to me. Perhaps father into the future.

  2. Finally, finally, finally, this symbol of evilness is being removed from the shield. It always bothered me when I saw it. I can’t wait to see the Tryzub on it when I next go there in September.

  3. The old symbol was taken inside the Museum to be used as a backsplash in the Urinals.

    Actually it wasn’t, but you know.

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