Israeli ship was the first to break through Russia’s grain blockade – media (map)

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Its safety is ensured by an American plane, which is refueled in the air.

An Israeli civilian ship was the first to break through Russia’s grain blockade in the Black Sea. 

As the columnist “Urich” reports in his review for ” Military “, on the night of July 30, 3 civilian ships Ams1, Sahin 2 and Yilmaz Kaptan passed through the Turkish straits. Origin of these vessels: Israel, Greece and Turkey/Georgia. 

The destination via AIS was determined as Ukraine.

Course of ships /
Course of ships /

Today, July 31, Ams1, ignoring Russian threats, entered the Ukrainian branch of the Danube.

This is the first ship to break through the Russian blockade of the Black Sea since the bombing of Reni on July 25.

Starting its journey from Ashdod, Israel, it openly advertised its destination as Ukraine and crossed the Black Sea on a direct course,” writes the columnist.

Airplane movement /
Airplane movement /

The American P8 anti-ship aircraft ensures the safety of the ship. It is refueled directly in the sky of Romania. 

Additional information is provided by the Forte12 RQ-4 reconnaissance drone.Ams1 is followed by four more vessels that have either anchored or will anchor in the near future on the Danube.

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  1. ‘Its safety is ensured by an American plane, which is refueled in the air.’

    Why can’t the United States Air Force ensure the safety of Ukrainian vessels???

  2. “Its safety is ensured by an American plane…”

    No … really?
    Or, did the ship ensure the safety of the American plane???

    • I think you, and Sir Foccusser are correct, though it embarrasses me as an American civilian. Joe biden and the West’s left-wing idiots have been pushing nonsense like “transgender” or “DEI” policies into the militaries of America, Canada, and Britain, for so long, that I worry it’s weakened the resolve of many military officers. It’s just my personal opinion, but I wonder if they were actually confronted by putin in the same room, maybe the orc lord would only need to glare at them.

      I know that I shouldn’t be allowed in the same room with him, because then I’d launch my into barreling the 70 year-old to the floor, and wouldn’t stop punching until I was lifted off him, or putin was reduced into an unrecognizable bloody pulp. Working here at the steel foundry has really built up my upper body strength. 😉

      • I feel the same way, Mac. If I had two minutes with putler, he would be a very suffering unit.

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