Trump demands from the US Congress to end military aid to Ukraine: what happened

Kateryna Girnyk17:05, 30.07.232 min.583

Trump said the support should be suspended until the Joe Biden administration cooperates in the investigation into the financial affairs of the current president’s family.

Former US President Donald Trump, who plans to run for president in 2024, called on Republican congressmen at a campaign rally in Pennsylvania to stop authorizing additional military support for Ukraine.

As reported by Sky News , Trump said that the support should be stopped until Joe Biden’s administration cooperates in the investigation of his family’s business dealings.

“Congress should refuse to authorize a one-time supplemental payment of our depleted stockpiles of weapons to Ukraine until the FBI, the Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service turn over all the evidence they have of the corrupt business dealings of the Biden crime clan,” Trump said.

He also accused the current US president of “drawing the US into a global conflict on behalf of the same country, Ukraine, which apparently paid his family all these millions of dollars.

“As Sky news reminds, Republicans in the House of Representatives are investigating the finances of the Biden family, in particular the payments that Hunter, the president’s son, received from the Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

Trump’s statement about the war in Ukraine

Previously, Trump repeatedly criticized the current US President Joe Biden for significant military aid to Ukraine and accused Biden of allegedly dragging the country into the Third World War .

Trump also criticized Europe, saying that European countries do very little compared to the United States. 

He stated that he would demand that Europe compensate for the stockpiles of weapons that the US used to support Ukraine in the war against Russia. Trump is currently leading the race for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination. He is the main competitor of incumbent President Joe Biden.

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  1. This is why he got impeached the first time – trying to hold up support for Ukraine unless he got people to smear Biden in order to help Trump’s election chances. Now he’s got Republicans in the House of Representatives helping in those efforts.

    As Mike wrote – Fuck Trump! And all those who still support him.

  2. “Trump said the support should be suspended until the Joe Biden administration cooperates in the investigation into the financial affairs of the current president’s family.”

    Only a sub-intelligent orange-colored monkey can find a correlation between those two topics.

  3. What happened in the crazy nights of Moscow hotels we may never know.
    What we do know, however, is that this bastard Trump works for the worst autocracy in the world, for unlimited barbarism and has legitimized the rapists of women and the thieves of children.

    And you’re gonna vote for that asshole again?
    America wake up, shake up! For the love of what remains of humanity!

  4. This is fake news, because it is not on Fox News.
    Why not talk about Hunter Biden? That is on Fox News!

  5. Come on RSM, delighten us with a reply.
    No, not He GaVe JaVeLiNs, that is overused.
    Also, bUuUuUuT hUnTeR bIdEn is not original enough.

    Maybe something about 5D chess, pretending to be pro-Russian so he wins the election because Russia helping him with bots and money, and then betray Russia and send weapons.

    Something like that.
    Maybe you can use ChatGPT to bullshit some story.

    It is funny Fox News completely ignored it as they couldn’t find a way to spin this news.

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