The Senate of Poland expects that Wagner will launch a terrorist operation in the Suwal corridor

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The vice-marshal said that in the event of an attack, terrorists will be met not only by the Polish army, but also by the American army.

The Polish Senate expects that the ” Wagner ” criminal group, which is currently gathering strength on the territory of Belarus, will launch a terrorist operation in the Suwalski Corridor, which connects Poland and Lithuania.

This was said by the Deputy Marshal of the Polish Senate, Michal Kaminsky, on the air of the telethon .

“I cannot exclude, and no one in Poland excludes it, that in order to protest the solidarity of NATO with Poland, NATO with the east of Europe, they may try to enter Poland. Most likely, it will be like a terrorist operation of the Wagner group than a full-scale invasion, like in Ukraine,” he said.

According to him, any provocations by the “Wagner” group are possible, although the deputy marshal reminded that there are already American soldiers on the territory of Poland.”Lukashenko hinted at Rzeszów.

Well, let them come in. They will meet there not only Polish, but also American defense. The only question in this case: who will pay for their coffins, in which they will be sent back to Russia,” Kaminsky stressed.

He noted that if the “Wagnerians” enter the Suval corridor on Lithuanian territory, then Poland will certainly stand up for the defense of its neighbor in the NATO alliance.”No one doubts that if necessary, we will defend Lithuania, this is sacred for us,” he added.

The threat of “Wagner”

As UNIAN reported, the Prime Minister of Poland, Mateusz Morawiecki, stated that in Belarus a group of members of the private military company “Wagner” was thrown towards the so-called Suwalsky Isthmus (corridor).Morawiecki believes that this is “a step towards a further hybrid attack on Polish territory.” 

According to the official, the “Wagners” can be disguised as Belarusian border guards, and under such cover they are able to try to help illegal immigrants enter Poland and shake the situation in the country from the inside.

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  1. As bad as this may sound I hope Wagner does do something stupid. Then Poland can knock on Luka’s door and say hi with a few thousand polish tanks.

  2. My prediction is that nothing will happen. This is the usual mafia saber-rattling.

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