Unexpectedly: North Korean missiles flew towards Russian positions – Financial Times

Olena Kovalenko11:30, 29.07.232 min.464

North Korea is considered one of Russia’s few allies. Missiles used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine were withdrawn for Ukraine by a friendly country.

The Armed Forces used missiles manufactured in North Korea to attack Russian positions .

As  the Financial Times reports , North Korean shells for the Soviet Grad anti-aircraft missile system were used by Ukrainian forces near Bakhmut. According to the article, most of the ammunition was manufactured in the DPRK in the 1980s and 1990s.

North Korean shells often misfire or fail to explode. Ammunition is highly unreliable, but Ukraine’s defenders need every missile they can get.

As stated in the material, since North Korea is considered one of the few allies of Russia, it is unlikely that Pyongyang independently supplied these ammunitions to Ukraine.The Ukrainian military said that these missiles were “removed from the ship” by a friendly country. They refused to provide more detailed information.

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