The occupiers blocked the Chongar Bridge: eyewitnesses reported the attack

Marta Hychko17:58, 29.07.231 min.

Eyewitnesses say that the occupiers closed the bridge to traffic.

The Chongar bridge on the administrative border of occupied Crimea and Kherson region was damaged.According to the Telegram channel “Crimean Wind” with reference to eyewitnesses, traffic is not allowed on the bridge, it has been blocked. 

It seems that on the morning of July 29 he was attacked with rockets. Rospublics write that Storm Shadow flew over the bridges in Chongar, but they deny the damage. 

Instead, the occupiers report on the “successful work of air defense”.

However, tourists in the chat rooms claim that all cars are stopped at the road in front of Chongar, saying that the Chongar bridge is closed because it was “bombed”. Moreover, the damage to the bridge is reported by local residents.

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  1. If the cockroaches say there were no damages, then there were damages. If they say air defenses worked, then they didn’t work. This follows the number one ruskie interaction rule; always assume being lied to when a ruskie opens his mouth.

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