Ukrainians want Putin: Zakharova made a crazy statement (video)

Yuri Kobzar16:21, 07/28/232 minutes.4601

In the Russian Foreign Ministry, Freud’s theory was connected to justify their delusions.

Ukrainians hate Vladimir Putin because they want such a president. This was stated by the official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Maria Zakharova in an interview with Russian media.

According to her, “the tragedy of the Ukrainian people” lies in the fact that Ukrainians want a president like Vladimir Putin, but the West imposes its henchmen on Ukraine. 

Zakharova tried to substantiate the logic of her reasoning by tying up her understanding of the Freudian theory of psychoanalysis as an argument.“They outwardly hate and are very aggressive towards Putin precisely because they would like Putin to be their president.

This is what they need – an open, decisive, knowledgeable person who speaks not according to a piece of paper that was sent to him from Washington, but one who speaks, because he knows what he is talking about,” Zakharova said.

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  1. If russia thinks Ukraine want Putler as leader, let him come to Kyiv. He’ll find out then, one way or another.

  2. The ORC’s paranoid delirium is systemic and very, very inventive.

    Their irreducible belief in a vassalization of the Ukraine to the dwarf of the Kremlin is the primordial symptom of this.

    Their mental and especially vital prognosis is engaged. The frustration is such that the sick ORC has a good chance of suffering even more from his alcohol addiction or blindly impaling himself on the Ukrainian front lines.

    ante mortem putinismus. Amen!

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