A frightened occupant showed a video of how the Armed Forces of Ukraine shoot the Russian army with cluster munitions

July 27, 2023

The frightened occupier showed what a cluster munition detonation looks like on Russian positions.

A video appeared on social networks showing the use of cluster munitions by the Ukrainian army against Russian occupiers. The video was filmed by one of the Russian soldiers on the Zaporozhye front on a mobile phone camera, after which it got into the public and Telegram channels. A fragment of the video is published by the Telegram channel “Ukraine 365”.

In the published footage, a frightened occupier clings to the ground, sitting in a trench and listening to the sounds of an artillery salvo: after the first explosion, a large number of deaf detonations of submunitions are heard, which exploded in the immediate vicinity of Russian positions.

“Cassette,” he says in the video.

The Ukrainian military received 155-mm M864 cluster shells with 72 submunitions at their disposal to eliminate the Russian army and fortifications. This type of projectile has an increased range and, when fired, covers a distance of 29 kilometers. Earlier it was reported about several points of the front, where the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already launched them.

Earlier in the Russian Federation they said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were carrying Russians with cluster munitions in Kleshcheevka. The occupiers complain of powerful pressure.

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  1. “This type of projectile has an increased range and, when fired, covers a distance of 29 kilometers.”

    And, when it’s not fired, its range is zero km.

    Jokes aside, I am very pleased that the cluster munitions are devastating the orcs and terrorizing those that don’t get wasted by them.

  2. Now the animals knows how it feels when they inflict it on innocent Ukrainian citizens

    • There must be a price to pay for stealing toilets, propaganda, abducting children, raping everyone they see, torturing Ukrainians, breaking treaties, bombing schools, churches and hospitals and shelling apartment blocks and energy infrastructure. Even napalm is too good for that filth that invaded peaceful, innocent Ukraine.

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