Russian partisans seized radio broadcasting to the border Russian Federation: they conveyed “hello” to the commander of the invaders. Video


The Putin regime is facing a loss of control over the radio space. Opposition groups in Russia, seeking to overthrow the dictatorial regime, turned to the military, citizens and the commander of the West group, Yevgeny Nikiforov.

The appeal of the partisans appeared on the air of Russian radio in the territories of the Bryansk, Kursk and Belgorod regions. Russian partisans send “warm greetings” to Colonel-General Nikiforov Russian rebels from the organizations of the RDC and the Legion “Freedom of Russia” received operational information about the presence of Nikiforov in Russia during his speech. At the moment, the commander of the Russian forces is inspecting the occupied positions.

The partisans not only have information about General Nikiforov’s trip to inspect army units in the border areas, but also have detailed information about his routes, places to stay for the night, meals and other details of his movement. This information allows the guerrillas to act according to his routine and vulnerabilities in order to act more effectively against the occupiers.

“Evgeny Valeryevich, we know where you are, what roads you travel on, where you spend the night. We even know what you ate for lunch yesterday. We are much closer than you can imagine. The hunt for you has already begun,” the partisans said.

Russian rebels insist that General Nikiforov will inevitably be held accountable for his crimes in various places such as Gostomel, Kremenna and the occupied Luhansk region. Their determination and confidence indicate that they intend to investigate and seek justice for the actions of the general in these regions where human rights violations or war crimes have been committed.

“You will answer for tens of thousands of Russian soldiers killed and wounded in the war, for financial fraud in the construction of defensive structures. Your time is up,” the partisans add.

The rebels fighting for the freedom of Russians against Putin’s criminal regime have also reached out to Nikiforov’s inner circle.

“Thank you for your cooperation. Keep sharing valuable testimonies. Keep it up!” the partisans said. In the end, the rebels called on the Russian military and Russian citizens to help the partisans.

Russian partisans seized radio broadcasting to the border Russian Federation: they conveyed "hello" to the commander of the invaders.  Video

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:– The “Freedom of Russia” stated that the successful raids in the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation, where the volunteers did not meet with organized resistance, showed the weaknesses of the Kremlin.

– Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted the day before that the Russian Federation was not properly prepared for attacks on the Belgorod region, but promised to “solve the problem.”

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  1. Belgorod needs to be fully occupied.
    I fear that is the only way for Ukraine to get her children back.
    Take the putinaZI sprogs and trade them.

    • Agreed, and maybe the Crimea too after we knock down that evil bridge. There certainly ought to be enough Moskali transplants to get hitler’s attention there.too

    • I wish that Ukraine would occupy Belgorod. The free Russians and Wagner proved how easy it would be. But, our “friends” would have a shit fit.

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