Hungary claims that Ukrainian counteroffensive is unsuccessful: Russian propaganda says the same

The Prime Minister of Hungary’s administration claims that the counteroffensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine has not brought significant results. 

Source: The Hungarian service Radio Svoboda (Radio Liberty), reports European Pravda 

Details: In particular, Gergely Gulyás, the head of the administration of the Hungarian Prime Minister, said on Thursday that the counteroffensive had not brought “any significant results” to Ukraine and that Budapest’s position on negotiations was justified. 

A representative of the Hungarian government said that the Ukrainian counteroffensive “so far has not shown any significant results”: Ukraine liberated “only” 200 sq. km of territory, but Russia “captured about the same amount in Donetsk and Kharkiv oblasts”. 

Gulyás added that “even according to the most conservative estimates”, at least 310,000 people were killed and wounded in the Russian-Ukrainian war, and more on the Russian side, although it has more reserves than Ukraine. 

Quote: “All this together indicates that the position of the Hungarian government is justified when it calls for a ceasefire and the earliest possible start of peace talks.” 

  • The US State Department stated that, taking into account the territory of Crimea occupied by Russia, Ukraine returned about 45% of the captured territories. Excluding Crimea, Ukraine regained 61% of its territory after 2014.
  • In turn, the White House announced that the Ukrainian counteroffensive is moving slower than planned but has not stopped. The UK Ministry of Defence has dismissed concerns about the slow pace of the counteroffensive by the Ukrainian Defence Forces, saying that operations are going according to plan.

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  1. Of course, the propaganda statements match. Hungary is the hole of the ruskie ass.

    • Apparently the Hungarian putinazi is watching the ruskie counterattack near Kharkiv very closely. Since it is Ukraine that has the free press I would believe them way before I believed the notorious propaganda regime in the Kremlin

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