He crawled 150 metres and destroyed a Russian tank: National Guard officer saves his subordinates

27 JULY 2023


A National Guard officer has destroyed a Russian tank using an NLAW in the vicinity of Serebrianka Forest in Luhansk Oblast.

Source:press office of the National Guard of Ukraine (NGU) citing Colonel Mykola Urshalovych, Deputy Director of the Implementation and Planning Department of the National Guard of Ukraine

Quote: “On 27 July at 04:00, an enemy tank drove on firing position and started inflicting fire directly on the position of one of the units of the 5th Slobozhanshchyna Brigade of the NGU.

Senior Lieutenant Viktor Khomenko, having ordered his subordinates to open fire on the tank, took an NLAW anti-tank grenade launcher and quickly moved towards the enemy target.

Since the situation in the forest does not allow firing from a long distance, having reached the front edge, the officer climbed out of the trench, crawled 150 metres to the tank and destroyed it with a well-aimed shot.”

Details: Urshalovych says that this heroic act of the commander ensured the secured the position and saved the lives of his subordinates.

The colonel emphasised that soldiers and officers of the National Guard are honourably and courageously risking their own lives daily while performing combat work, holding the occupied lines and liberating Ukrainian land from Russian forces.

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