Russia leaves soldiers’ bodies on the battlefield to avoid paying compensation to their families – media

Kateryna Girnyk19:08, 26.07.232 min.1

The families of Russian soldiers killed in the war are promised to pay 5 million rubles ($55,600) each.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia leaves the bodies of soldiers killed in the war in Ukraine on the battlefield in order not to pay compensation to their families. Newsweek writes about this , referring to the testimony of Russian soldiers in Ukraine.

As the publication reminds, on January 3, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree promising to pay 5 million rubles ($55,600) to the families of Russian soldiers killed in the war. 

According to the March 2022 law, servicemen wounded or injured on the battlefield will receive 3 million rubles ($33,300).At the same time, the publication cites the testimony of the mother of one of the dead soldiers, who was told by his fellow soldiers that her son was killed near Bakhmut on June 19. 

However, when she tried to get answers from the local military authorities, it turned out that they had no information about her son. He was not listed as dead or missing.

She noted that, according to her son’s colleagues, the Russian Ministry of Defense left his body on the battlefield, as it would be “unprofitable” to return it home. 

The military also noted that this was not an isolated incident and that they saw dozens of abandoned bodies.Newsweek notes that this is not the first time that the Russian military has expressed dissatisfaction with non-payment of compensation. 

Previously, the Russian mass media had already published interviews with wounded soldiers who did not receive the funds promised by the Russian president.

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    • As a parent I don’t know which is worse, throwing the ruzzo-nazis into a mobile crematorium or just left there to be eaten by dogs and left for fertilizer. I still think Ukraine will eventually start piling up the invader’s bones at the border as a monument and reminder to the Moskali what will happen if they ever try it again. Like near the border at Mariupol or Kharkiv or both.

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