Military Expert: Russian Black Sea Fleet Will Be Destroyed Soon

Ukraine simply has no other choice.


Attacks on Russian military facilities continue In Crimea. It became known about the missile strike with Storm Shadow on a Russian maintenance battalion base. asked Ukrainian military expert Mykhailo Samus, the director of the New Geopolitics Research Network, and an expert of the Center for Army, Conversion and Disarmament Studies, to comment on the latest developments in Crimea:– Ukraine is preparing to de-occupy Crimea, so military facilities, ammunition depots, and infrastructure facilities, such as the Kerch Bridge, are under attack.

The blows will continue and there will be more. The logic here is absolutely clear and understandable.– Also, surface drones attacked the Sergey Kotov Russian warship in the Black Sea. Is the Russian Black Sea Fleet in danger?

– The Black Sea Fleet will be destroyed successfully. It will happen in the near future. We simply have no other choice. Russia has performed as a destructive force. There were ideas for the complete demilitarization of the Black Sea after the collapse of the USSR. All countries agreed, except for the Russian Federation.It was proposed to create a zone of business, recreation and development for all the Black Sea coastal nations, but Russia chose a different path. It has occupied Crimea, destroying Ukrainian infrastructure and economy. There is simply no other way but to destroy the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. It’s necessary to completely demilitarize Russia.

– The Ukrainian MoD and President Volodymyr Zelensky called the Crimean Bridge “a target that must be neutralized.” Does Ukraine have the opportunity to do this?

– There are opportunities, and they will all be used to achieve this goal. The Crimean Bridge should be demolished, as it is an illegally built structure. In the same way as any Illegal structure destroyed in a market.

This bridge was built in Ukrainian waters and should be demolished. This is from a legal point of view.

From a military point of view, it is the main artery for the supply of weapons and military equipment for the group, which is located in Crimea.

Before de-occupying the peninsula, the Ukrainian army will, of course, destroy the bridge to cut off the Russian army from logistics.

– How might the operation to liberate Crimea look like?

– There are different options. Obviously, the communication and logistics of the Russian Federation will be cut off. The Kerch Bridge will be destroyed, the Black Sea Fleet will be attacked: warships, infrastructure, bases, airfields, naval bases, and so on.

After that, a de-occupation operation will begin.


  1. If we had a real president, most Black Sea rust buckets would already be with the fishes. We would not have a grain shipment blockade and no attacks on Ukrainian cities via the sea.

    • As I understand it, Turkey isn’t letting any more Moskali ships into the Black Sea so what is there is there. Their ammo, fuel and oil depots have been hammered but they still find ways to loose their fucking Calibers. Knocking out those ships that are left would practically knock out all these southern missile attacks wouldn’t it? A worthy goal.

      • They still have missiles because our lame sanctions don’t work. We can’t even prevent Iran and dirt-poor North Korea from doing what they want to. Every two-bit terrorist country puts us to shame. No wonder, mafia land has no problems building new missiles, planes, and tanks. Maybe not as many as before, but they still do.

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